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Our website migration services ensure that your organic traffic from the old website will be transitioned to the new one.

What is a Website Migration?

Website migration is the process of updating a website, which involves significant changes in URLs, structure, content, UX, design, and platform. It can encompass more than merely redesigning the architecture of your site, changing the URL strategy, or switching it to a new domain or content management system (CMS).
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SEO-Focused Migration

No SEO and user experience strategy can ignore the implications of WordPress site migration. There are many things to be done by you to make sure that search engines keep on discovering and rating your website appropriately. Otherwise, there will be a lot of traffic rank drops and a loss of revenue. As with any other online activity, staying user-centred in your approach is crucial.Being an agency with a rich background in SEO delivery, we develop SEO and user experience all day, every day. We build both of them right into your migration project, ensuring your website is always on track with current as well as future trends. Now, you don’t have to worry about penalties on search results, 404 errors and annoyed customers.

Professional Migration Services

Every migration is distinct, and our website migration services do not fail to pay attention to that. Our specialist team delivers successful migrations across

Servers, Domains and Hosting Providers

In case of a server or domain name migration, hosting re-location or anything of the sort. We'll switch your site over smoothly from any origin to any location using our premium WordPress website migration services.

Platform Improvements

We shall invest in new backend technology (online shops, CMS and technology upgrades), which could negatively affect URL structure, site navigation, speed and caching.

Complex E-Commerce Environments

UK Web Design Agency is an expert in the art of online marketing and its combination with e-commerce. Refrain from letting the complexity of the e-commerce migration you are going through get to you. Let us have your back.

Website Redesign

The page layout and the ways in which you interact with it may change the length, style, readability, and amount of new content on the page.

Front-end Upgrades

For a redesign that is perfect UX experience and seamless site navigation, many code alterations to the site, switch to front-end technologies such as WordPress.

Seamless Website Migrations

There can be many different reasons for migrating your website: you may want to migrate to a new server or domain, change your site’s structure or appearance, enhance security by adopting HTTPS, optimise for mobile, or move to a new CMS (content management system). For whatever reasons you might have, our website migration agency will flawlessly migrate any site.

Error-free Results

WordPress site migration is beyond the simple movement of your website to another platform. This way, you’ll probably have a particular commercial purpose in mind. It’s not the case that as a business, you’re just trying to maintain the same situation. Instead, you are looking to protect the assets on your current online website and, at the same time, improve your web performance. In our website migration agency, it is all about starting your journey to a new future. We take a close look at the most important short-term targets that you want to achieve in the near future – such as keeping the traffic and the online rankings – but that is not all.Our team takes a structured approach that delivers in the long term: successful migrations can indeed be a great beginning. Let’s start with your website migration.