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At Web Design Agency UK, we ensure our website maintenance services look after your site for you, leaving you free to run your business. We’ll keep your site hosted on our fast UK servers and ensure it is updated to keep it secure and malware-free.

Let Us Carry the Load of
the Difficult Task

For instance, if you are a UK-based business owner who depends on your website for leads, educating customers, or order management but doesn’t have the expertise or sufficient resources to check if your website is working without errors round the clock, you should read on. The Web Design Agency in London offers a customised, simple and jargon-free professional service for your website maintenance that includes all the additional costs, so you may have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of for a low monthly fee. The drawback here is that site owners with no web development skills usually leave websites un-updated, cannot secure their sites daily, and can be susceptible to crashing, hacking or even worse.

It’s why we offer you all the maintenance services you require in a stop shop, security sites that are fast, error-free, and ready to rank higher on Google, as well as providing you with monthly performance reporting and backups… all for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee. Bet on top of that, you have an on-site UK-based support team that speaks your language and is available 24/7. Whether you are operating on any platform, we have your best interest at heart, so it is only right that you get the best out of your website.
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End-to-end Website Support Solutions

Making sure that the website is doing well is not a big deal – it is a collection of a lot of small jobs. Even if you are not familiar with these coding skills, it will take some time, and your website and business will suffer. More frequently than required, in most businesses, these types of duties are moved to a ‘to-do’ list but never get to be done. And we’re astonished when we observe how some companies leave out usernames and passwords.

In the end, we know why businesses can only get their websites on the front page of search engines – with a well-maintained, fast and optimised site, the rankings of the websites will stay the same. If you want to arrest the slide, get in touch with our website maintenance company, and we will do that by frequent updates and improvements, keeping it backed up as well as malware-free with regular security updates. We’ll assist in creating new entries in line with the monthly support hours you’ve opted for. This will help keep your site fresh and more interesting to Google.

Why Do Websites Need Maintenance?

Usually, firms need more technical knowledge, time, and resources to maintain a great-looking site and ensure it runs normally. The site should continually be updated. In this way, you can run a website similar to one created using a CMS such as WordPress. In such cases, there are usually monthly updates of plugins that need to be on top of, or if you are running the website on an e-commerce basis with WooCommerce, there are often security patches of critical updates. All the issues you may be going through would be covered with our wordpress maintenance services.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance process involves changing pages, deleting old or broken links, upgrading images to speed up the process, and installing updates on plugins to ensure the website is enhanced and always up to date. We perform web maintenance across all packages of our wordpress website maintenance services, including the ones that are the most affordable, as well as the ones that are the most expensive and the ones for those who need more than the basic functionality.

Security Updates and Improvements

Our website support team takes care of routine maintenance updates for better performance and output. Website security issues should always be watched over and promptly nipped to make sure that hackers don’t have a way to your code and data. New patches will be applied immediately in order to give you peace of mind as soon as possible.

Website Backups

The services team will run up-time monitoring and provide a simple and quick backup to ensure your website can recover quickly in case of any unforeseen event. Here, we aim to help clients. Our website support packages will ensure your business runs online, no matter the hurdle!

Current Content &Theme Adjustment

Website maintenance service will guarantee that website owners constantly have up-to-date, relevant and top-quality content that can place them higher in search engine rankings so that buyers can easily find them. Installing the latest theme updates as well as shopping bug fixes to your eCommerce website or the simplest WordPress site will eliminate problems for your visitors.

Speed and Uptime

Slow sites are a definite turn-off for your clients, and website speed is one of the indicators used by Google to rank you. It makes no difference where you host your website. You will have the assurance that your site is running at its optimum speed through the services offered by Web Design Agency UK. We monitor your site speed and optimise it according to the recommendations this month and report the results to you.

SEO & Analytics

We have SEO specialists and Google Analytics who analyse data every month on behalf of the client and come up with suggestions that can be used to better engage with the customers. SEO health audit is one of the most popular services from our list of web maintenance services, and the site owners have peace of mind that their websites are performing as they are expected for their SEO and marketing campaigns.

Complete Website Support by Web Design Agency UK

Our professional knowledge is just what you need to find the best strategy to match your niche, no matter what industry you work with. If you want a new website design, content, or marketing done, kindly contact us. We would gladly take you up on that.