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An IT Recruitment Platform

IT job board is a recruitment platform that makes the job opening search and selection process easier. It enables you to start the hiring process from the moment the first CV is received to sending a message to the best candidate. A candidate tracking tool that facilitates the hiring process and opens new doors for hiring managers. They have one mission: those companies do this to consistently match the right IT candidates with the tech firms recruiting. Another aim of this website is to enable IT experts to communicate with recruiters and have a better starting up to experience the company interviewing process and onboarding than before.

The Challenge

By now online recruitment services have already been in existence for a long time, and the biggest names that dominate the industry are no longer surprising. That means creating a website that is at least as impressive as the competition. Trying to recruit, screen and interview candidates for IT positions through the traditional recruitment process is usually boring, time-consuming and unsuccessful. It heavily involves human involvement to initiate and execute hiring, sourcing, and attracting applicants for available positions. This is not the best recruitment process.
We started this project with a primary target in mind: to develop a site tailored to the recruitment cycle of IT jobs This implied a very sophisticated back-end structure and an interface that fascinates a user and makes his/her experience very satisfying. Moreover, it had to enter the market with a simple interface, be very interactive and devote its full attention to the user’s specific needs and interests.

Our Strategy

Our kick-off was a cool user interface based on the business goals and creative ideas around establishing a recruitment platform exclusively for tech people. The new IT recruitment platform is an interactive application used by three user personas: these people play various roles like the candidate, recruiter, and administrator. The flow of information makes the interaction with the platform more effective. Lastly, we identified custom solutions that would take this kind of business to a new level.
Another essential feature of a job search platform is custom alerts as an employer, you would like to be notified as soon as you have new applicants. The same applies to candidates uncertain about their application status. Likewise, we also included tiered pricing to allow our customers to offer multiple package deals to various end users. On top of that, we created a user-friendly CV management system for fast resume screening, which employers can conveniently analyse.


The platform has greatly reduced the amount of time and effort it takes to screen candidates in the initial recruitment. This facilitates the selection of the best candidates who go through to the next stage of the recruitment procedure. In the IT Job Board, you can track your candidates at all stages (applied, screened, the first interview, test task, the second interview, and hired) by using it easily. In addition, we shifted the card with the detailed information on the candidate to a separate screen so that the interface would be less occupied and the recruiter could easily track each applicant.
The structure and layout of the website have highly personalised features according to the local tech employers. The simplicity and clarity of the IT Job Board website led to its great design.
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